Johan Kelber

It all started in 1985 with Johan Kelber, while performing in, and arranging music for the South African Air force entertainment group, Canaries. In 1988 Johan started his formal studies in music at the University of Stellenbosch, received a B.A. Mus degree in 1992 and established a successful music production house that offered jingle writing, song writing, sound track composing, producing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering for almost all western music genres thinkable, classical, rock, blues, pop, jazz, new-age, rhythm and blues, cabaret, rock and roll, soul, reggae, disco, opera, gospel, dance, country, movie soundtrack, musical comedy, heavy metal etc.

Johan has produced more than 700 audio tape, LP’s, CD, DVD and live shows projects in more than 3 decades and is also a music director, arranger and performer for live performances and DVD recordings.

Studio Producer
(580 Music productions)

Live show Producer
(239 live productions)

Session musician
(piano cello bass BVs)


Artists accompanied, performed with or produced songs for


Johan Kelber's CD captures his best work over the last 30 years!

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